10 Applications that Leverage Performance of the Nimbix Cloud

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When cloud computing as a technology began transforming the IT industry, the buzz was all about infrastructure.  Spinning up virtual machines on demand was a like a utility, much like the way we purchase electricity.

The landscape continues to evolve, and today it is all about data and applications.  The ability for cloud computing providers to orient infrastructure to the workload is the new race.  As this paradigm continues to unfold, today’s business buyers are learning that “time to value” is more important than the commodity cloud computing battle ground.  And while there are certainly benefits to consumers for ultra-competitive commodity cloud infrastructure prices, in the end, the cost that matters is what you pay for results.

Nimbix Cloud

When Nimbix launched the world’s first Accelerated Compute Cloud infrastructure in 2010, (a non-virtualized cloud that featured the latest co-processors for advanced processing), the focus had always been on time to value.   When we introduced JARVICE (Just Applications Running Vigorously in a Cloud Environment), the central platform technology was developed in order to run applications faster at the lowest total cost.  We did not want our customers to be locked in to traditional hypervisor environments which fundamentally leave compute performance on the table.

With the above in mind, and an eye towards ease of deployment and time to value, let’s take a look at 10 applications you can run in the Nimbix Cloud to accelerate your time to results:

ANSYS Fluent – One of the leading commercial fluid dynamics applications, Fluent simulation times are reduced linearly with the addition of high performance computing CPU cores.   As simulation complexity grows the Nimbix Cloud can be used to reduce run times and deliver results at a lower cost.

ANSYS Mechanical – The perfect blend of 3D graphical environments and batch solvers makes mechanical engineering workflows in the Nimbix Cloud run just like in house workflows.  Spin up on demand 3D workstations for modeling, and then submit the simulations to the cloud cluster to boost productivity.

Any Linux OpenGL Application – JARVICE enables high performance GPU-powered environments to be created on demand.  Any 3D openGL linux application environment can be created and run in the Nimbix Cloud

Blender – If you are a user of this popular open source rendering application, you can run a 3D modeling session on demand or create submit jobs to your own personal render farm.  Blender uses the Nimbix Cloud’s powerful NVIDIA Tesla GPUs to accelerate render times by as much as 60x!

CST Studio Suite – Scale simulation capacity and leverage GPUs to get results faster for your electromagnetic simulations using CST Studio Suite.

FFMPEG – Broadcasters and content providers can leverage high performance, bare-metal  nodes to optimize for speed and cost for batch transcoding workflows.  FFMPEG can be run in a Nimbix Application Environment (NAE) for on-demand single sessions, or in batch mode using the Nimbix processing API.

Hadoop – Although Hadoop is a “framework” than an application, the ease with which users can implement a fully imaged, high performance Hadoop cluster improves time to value for analytics workloads.  Users can also leverage the 2x speed -up afforded by the Nimbix Cloud’s high performance network interconnect.

PacBio SMRT Analysis – Customers of Pacific Biosciences sequencers can improve in house bioinformatics pipelines, speeding up error correction and assemblies of long read sequence data.  The Nimbix Cloud implements PacBio’s SMRT Analysis software platform in a high performance cluster environment with a couple of mouse clicks.

R – One of the most used statistical analysis application environments, mathematical routines and models in R run faster on the Nimbix Cloud by eliminating virtualization overhead.  Users can run in batch mode, or interactively running R inside of a personal NAE.

RealityServer – If you need real-time, photo-realistic rendering on demand, the Nimbix Cloud offers the most affordable and flexible platform of any provider for RealityServer.  Run RS on demand and add powerful K40 GPUs for maximum performance.

These are only ten of the thousands of high performance applications and use cases that can be run in the Nimbix Cloud.  If performance, ease-of-use, time-to-value and total cost are important business criteria for your applications, the Nimbix Cloud is the cloud for you.


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