20 Cloud Deployment Mistakes to Avoid

May 6, 2015 VIEW ALL

Source: http://www.cio.com | May 6, 2015  by David Spark

15: Choosing the wrong class of service and too much of it

When deciding on whether to choose an IaaS-, PaaS-, or SaaS-based cloud solution, “too often we see a ‘build first’ mentality instead of ‘solve first’ mentality,” said Leo Reiter (@virtualleo), CTO, Nimbix. “For example, instead of choosing a provider who can deliver the application to get the job done, consumers often resort to just spinning up ‘instances’ and trying to install, configure, and manage the software themselves. But if you’re just trying to solve a specific problem, you should really be looking at turnkey solutions delivered in the SaaS model.”

When decisions about cloud solutions are made ad hoc, you’ll run into a situation of trying to manage multiple distinct cloud instances.

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