2016 Nimbix Developer Summit Recap With Presentation Videos

Our inaugural Developer Summit was a huge success!

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Attendees thoroughly enjoyed the summit speakers who presented on topics including “Teaching a Fridge to See… with Deep Learning” and “Heterogeneous architectures: a survey and overview for developers” to name a couple.

Nimbix Developer Summit

Speakers were thrilled with the high level of attendee involvement. Not a presentation went by that a great question wasn’t asked making the developer summit an interactive and educational experience for all.

Sit back and relax while you watch videos of full presentations given by Steve Hebert (CEO, Nimbix, Inc), Paul Arden (CEO, migenius), Dave Messina (COO, Cofactor Genomics), Steve Turner (Sr. Application Engineer, Texas Multicore Technologies), Leo Reiter (CTO, Nimbix, Inc.), Fernando Martinez Vallina (Software Development Manager, Xilinx), Mazhar Memon (CTO, Bitfusion.io), Denis Peskov (PwC Advisory, Analytics Innovation Accelerator), and Bruce Wile, (IBM Distinguished Engineer).

Thank you to our 2016 sponsors: Mellanox and Infomart.  To inquire about sponsoring our next Developer Summit, please email alicia.hagan@nimbix.net.

Keynote with Q&A

Steve Hebert
CEO, Nimbix, Inc.

Heterogeneous architectures: a survey and overview for developers

Mazhar Memon
CTO, Bitfusion.io

Accelerating the Cloud with FPGAs

Fernando Martinez
Software Development Manager, Xilinx

Scaling High Throughput Data Analysis

Dave Messina
COO, Cofactor Genomics

Better Way to Convert Your Algorithms into Robust, Massively Parallel Code

Doug Norton & Steve Turner
Texas Multicore Technologies, Inc.

Winning the Future

Leo Reiter
CTO, Nimbix, Inc.

Building and Deploying GPU Applications in the Cloud

Paul Arden
CEO, migenius

Teaching a Fridge to See

Denis Peskov
Analytics Innovation Accelerator, PcW Advisory

POWER8 and CAPI: An Infrastructure for Heterogeneous FPGA Computing

Bruce Wile
IBM Distinguished Engineer


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