3 Things You May Not Know About Nimbix

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From small towns to BYOD, there is more to Nimbix than meets the eye…

We’re Headquartered in a Small Town


While our data center assets live and operate in downtown Dallas, our corporate headquarters are actually in a small town about 40 miles (64km) north called Anna, Texas. Even though its population is around 10,000 (and growing), Anna is hard at work attracting businesses as part of an aggressive economic development effort.  In addition to its great people, nature, and city officials, Anna is in the opposite direction of the heavy traffic flow that plagues the area, making it easy and fast to get to and from our offices at almost any time of the day.  But beyond that, the dichotomy of high tech and small town atmosphere is one of the most important elements of our personality.  We can be hard at work building the next generation HPC cloud solutions one moment, then enjoying local barbeque the next, just by walking across the street.  Given that we have customers in almost every industry – from “new world” social media and entertainment, to more traditional spaces like energy and healthcare – this well rounded personality helps us relate very well to our end users.

We Live by Cloud, BYOD, CYOD, and Mobile


We’d be hypocrites if we didn’t embrace the cloud for all our operations, and the diversity of our devices would be impossible without it.  Whether its BYOD or CYOD, Nimbix employees leverage just about every end user platforms out there.  Sit in any meeting, and you’ll see Apple, Microsoft, and Google-powered devices in various different form factors (laptops, tablets, phones, etc.)  You could even say we have a bit of a BYOD platform war going, with roughly half the company on iOS and the other half on Android.  I personally bear the brunt of the abuse, since I’m the only one who makes heavy use of the Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices.  Regardless, our reliance on the cloud affords us lots of choice without losing the ability to communicate, collaborate, and be productive in general.  From our email to our Agile dashboards, we consume everything as a service.  As for JARVICE itself, we leverage Responsive Web Design (RWD) to make submitting and monitoring jobs from any device a piece of cake.

We Don’t Virtualize Anything


We’ve written all about how we avoid virtualizing our computational resources to eliminate performance penalties from hypervisor “taxes” and oversubscription practices.  But did you know we also say no to virtualization for other services as well?  We believe in our JARVICE containers so much, that we use them in places where you would expect traditional hypervisor technology.  While JARVICE is typically configured for high performance applications, it is flexible enough to rapidly orchestrate ordinary systems as well.  For example, we offer automated software licensing services based on JARVICE.  This actually simplifies our infrastructure since we can leverage standardized resources, and has the added benefit of increasing our test and validation coverage.  In some ways, one could argue that JARVICE is actually powered by JARVICE!

Whether we’re orchestrating JARVICE or enjoying small town barbeque while doing email on our diverse mobile BYOD platforms, we’re always working hard to bring you the best HPC cloud services that we possibly can.


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