3D Workstation in the Cloud!

March 11, 2014 VIEW ALL

3D Workstation in the Cloud!

As a follow-up to our recent announcement, here is a video demonstration of a JARVICE 3D workstation running on the Nimbix Accelerated Compute Cloud:

JARVICE 3D NAEs (Nimbix Application Environments) can be used to install and/or develop applications, and saved for future use.

Connecting to a JARVICE 3D Workstation

If you are using a Windows PC, Mac OS X, or Linux client, you should download TigerVNC to connect.  This gives you the best performance and security, and supports advanced features such as remote window resize and full-screen support for multiple monitors.  With TigerVNC, your connection to the 3D Workstation is secured with strong encryption automatically.  This way all keystrokes are transmitted securely and intruders cannot guess passwords or other sensitive information as you type it.

If you are using a platform where you cannot run TigerVNC, you can connect with any VNC client.  For best results, choose a client that supports “Tight” encoding, if available for your platform.  If the client prompts you for screen number, always enter 1.  If instead it prompts you for port number, always enter 5901.  If it does not explicitly prompt you, append :1 to the end of the IP address shown in the NACC portal “Connect” window.

Additional 3D Workstation Capabilities

A JARVICE 3D Workstation can also run OpenGL applications and computation (e.g. CUDA) at the same time on the GPU.  This allows you to run visualization/design software as well as solvers in the same environment!


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