The Nimbix Story

Because we need the future and we need it yesterday.

In the past, cloud computing was limited by the user’s ability to orchestrate the process. Setup. Execution. Visualization. Each came with its own prohibitive cost. In removing the conventional barriers, Nimbix gives you the freedom not only to develop, deploy and discover your data — but also to imagine new possibilities and solve even bigger problems. So with Nimbix, there’s nothing between your data and its potential.

Because we’ve made things faster and simpler, you can add a new step to your process: imagination. The question is not, “How are we going to solve the problem,” but rather, “What problem do we need to solve?”


Think of your biggest problem. Now imagine it solved. What could you do if there were no limitations, no barriers, and nothing between you and the answers? With Nimbix, you get more than the tools to solve problems. You get the resources to think beyond.


Using JARVICE, our simple application marketplace, and a minimal amount of development, you can build the data processing applications that integrate with your workflow.


With a few clicks, you can hand over a workload to JARVICE and let it run. JARVICE does all the work: start up, execution, completion and notification.


The real value in HPC happens when you interpret those huge amounts of data. JARVICE can send your data anywhere you need it in a variety of formats to help you visualize, review, and analyze your results.


JARVICE is what makes Nimbix unique. It’s the platform that delivers true HPC in the cloud. JARVICE is your personal supercomputer at the ready. Hand JARVICE a job via your dashboard or our API. JARVICE gets to work, crunches your data, wraps up your job and delivers your results. It’s fast, flexible and friendly.

Fast – Heading 1

Speed doesn’t merely refer to processing power. It’s also about how quickly and efficiently you and your team can get your jobs in and out of the system and get the answers you need.

Flexible – Heading 2

Build your own applications and workflows or use any of our customizable tools. Scale processors up or down based on how much data you have or how fast you want it run. Use what you need to compute your job, pay only for what you use.

Friendly – Heading 3

JARVICE is designed for humans, not just eggheads. Make it easy for your team to access and run jobs. Push and pull data to wherever you need it with our API.

Forward-thinking – Heading 4

Unlike conventional storage and computing cloud platforms, JARVICE and the Nimbix cloud behind it is a wide-open space to run any processing job at speed and scale. It means that as your problems get more complex, Nimbix and JARVICE simply expand to handle them.

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