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Simplifying the complex

As processing gets more complex, the questions get harder. The problems get bigger. The communities get larger. And the solutions get more meaningful. How do we crunch enough data to beat cancer? How fast can we get from point A to point B? What’s influencing consumers to buy this over that? Where will we find the next energy source? To find the real answers, we need the power and capacity to ask the hard questions. The more we learn, the more questions we uncover. We need the future, and we need it yesterday. It’s an exciting evolution. You’re one question closer, and one answer away. And now, with the Nimbix HPC cloud, you’re about to realize the potential in your data.

Faster. Better. More Economical.

Nimbix is about how simple we make it to solve problems that were once impossible to imagine. We strip away the hurdles between your data and its potential.


Run jobs faster. Crunch more numbers. Test smarter. Nimbix gets the job done quicker. JARVICE makes the process more efficient. And the streamlined, user-friendly API means your team can do more in less time.


Nimbix is a cloud platform for pure High Performance Computing. That means our supercomputers are super smart at running applications and processing your data. Perhaps more important, Nimbix gives you access to explore the full potential in your data.


For most workloads, Nimbix is far less expensive than building, running and maintaining your own supercomputer. It’s also more efficient at spinning up, executing, completing the job and delivering your results — which saves you time and money. And our user-friendly platform means you invest less in development and infrastructure.




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Faster. Super. Better. Super. More Economical. Even more super.

Nimbix helps you solve the unsolvable. It delivers the scale and capacity you need to run bigger and more complex jobs. Nimbix unlocks the potential in your data. It’s supercomputing made super human.

Meet the humans behind the machines

The Team

Render, animate and composite more efficiently or with added resources for time-sensitive jobs. Find out more

Oil & Gas

Add capacity, analyze more data, process faster. Find out more

Manufacturing / Engineering

Process larger models, run faster simulations and deliver better products to the market. Find out more


Medical & Life Sciences

Simulate complex molecular dynamics, speed NGS processing pipelines, speed drug development. Find out more

Big Data & Analytics

Analyze consumer habits, predict behavioral patterns, model projections, compute financial models, visualize research data. Find out more


Get access to the supercomputing power of huge enterprise with no overhead costs. Find out more

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