Our management team

Steve Hebert


Steve started as a technical salesman in semiconductors with Texas Instruments after earning his degree in Electrical Engineering from Santa Clara University. Today, he is a technology industry veteran of over 20 years with a strong track record of operational execution and sales growth at both startup and large companies. Prior to Nimbix, he led a global sales team in the computing segment with programmable chip-maker, Altera. An entrepreneur, builder and inventor at heart, Steve’s vision is aimed at solving the world’s biggest challenges with supercomputing.

Rob Sherrard

Co-Founder/VP Service Delivery

Rob was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug early in his career while working at AudioNet, which later became, a Mark Cuban venture. Since the late ’90s, he has been building and delivering online services and data-centers for media, banking, advertising, and content platforms. He has also championed several start-up builds through hyper-growth while maintaining service delivery. He is passionate about technology, large-scale, the customer experience–and his Atari 2600.

Leo Reiter

Chief Technology Officer

Leo is a virtualization and cloud computing pioneer with over 20 years of experience in software development and technology strategy. Prior to Nimbix, Leo was co-founder and CTO of Virtual Bridges. Leo is an entrepreneur with a strong background in LeanStartup and Agile methodologies.

Steve’s Favorite Supercomputing Task:

Launching a bare-metal, cloud supercomputer in under 90 seconds. What can super smart people do with this unprecedented level of access to computing power?

Rob’s Favorite Supercomputing Task:

Running endless cycles of hypothetical outcomes on the best trajectory path of my Luke Skywalker Bird for three stars for Angry Birds on the Tatooine level.

Leo’s Favorite Supercomputing Task:

Creating the technology to make supercomputing super human. We can’t wait to see what you achieve with the platform we’re building!

Chuck Kelly

Senior Vice President of Sales

Chuck has a long standing reputation for solving business problems with technology solutions spanning Cloud, Networking, Disaster Recovery, Managed IT, and Security. He has a proven track record in leading his sales teams to exceed corporate goals while forging strong executive customer relationships. Prior to joining Nimbix, Chuck served as Regional Vice President of Sales for Sungard Availability Services. He also held senior sales leadership positions at General Electric, Lucent Technologies, Insight, and more.  Chuck is a graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas. He is a native Texan and currently resides in Houston.

Stacy Repult

Chief Financial Officer

Stacy brings over 20 years of financial leadership across rapidly growing, private and public companies. She began her career at Price Waterhouse in the M&A tax practice. From there, she has held various leadership positions at FedEx Kinko’s, Sammons Corporation and Omnitracs. She also built and led a successful financial consulting practice focused on supporting small to mid-market companies through rapid growth.  Stacy graduated magna cum laude from Baylor University and is a Certified Public Accountant. She earned an MBA in International Finance with honors from Exeter University in England. She currently resides in Dallas with her husband Jim and their german shepherd, Moxie.

Chuck’s Favorite Supercomputing Task:

Running predictive analytics to determine my favorite supercomputing task.

Stacy’s Favorite Supercomputing Task:

[glossary_exclude]Using big data and machine learning to analyze and predict how global events and macroeconomics affect financial markets and valuations.[/glossary_exclude]

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