AI & Machine Learning – A Sign of the Times


A particular style or technology define every era.  About one hundred years ago, the notion of mass production was the buzzword, and in response, we had the Art Deco and Modernist movements. About twenty years later the Machine Age, with its streamlined design language typified by the great trains that connected American cities, was the dominant design language.  It even translated into the design of commercial buildings like the diner below.

We’ve come a long way from streamliner trains and similarly designed buildings of the Machine Age.  No longer is progress measured by the external design of the machine but rather by its functionality bringing us to today.  A hat is no longer part of a man’s suit, women no longer wear gloves, and we now have phones in our pockets that are more powerful than what was used just a decade or so ago to run a business.  So, is artificial intelligence the defining technology of the next decade?  I think it may very well be, provided we can generate adequate data sets to be able to train models to sufficient depths.  

Just like as our artistic movements were representative of the technology of the time, Art Deco, The Machine Age, The Space age of the early 1960’s in response to President Kennedy’s quest to put a man on the moon, we are already seeing artificial intelligence becoming part of our daily existence.  We take for granted recommendation engines that suggest adding a card with the purchase of a bouquet of flowers or that  We take for granted that our car can now tell us when our tires need to be inflated.  We eagerly look forward to the idea of self-driving cars, well some of us do.  All of these things fall under the umbrella of artificial intelligence and perhaps defining our era.  

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