Xilinx Real-Time Video Transcoding Solutions

A Solution for all Video Workloads on the Nimbix Cloud

Introducing the Xilinx Real-Time Video Server appliance reference architectures. Powered by Alveo™ accelerator cards, Xilinx delivers breakthrough live video streaming performance at the lowest cost per channel for significant TCO savings over fixed-architecture approaches, without altering existing infrastructure. The Nimbix Cloud offers both enterprise software users and application developers a platform to achieve any accelerated computing need for these next-generation applications.
Bitrate Optimized Edition – Based on Alveo™ U50
Reduce bandwidth to lower your total cost of delivery
The Xilinx Real-Time Video Server - Bitrate Optimized reference architecture delivers a small number of streams for large viewerships that demand higher video quality transcoding. The Bitrate optimized edition is available in both HEVC H.264 and AVC (H.265) codecs.
Optimized Workloads
  • Transcoding
  • eSports
  • Live Video
HEVC (H.264)
  • 1080p100
  • Full ABR Ladder
  • x265 Slow
AVC (H.264)
  • 1080p120
  • Full ABR Ladder
  • x264 Very Slow

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High Channel Density Edition – Based on Alveo™ U30
The Xilinx Real-Time Video Server – High Channel Density reference architecture is optimized for a high volume of broadcasters with a smaller number of viewers demanding high-density transcoding.
Optimized Workloads
  • Safe Cities
  • Smart Retail
  • eSports
  • Live Video
  • 16 1080p30 channels
  • x264 Faster
  • x265 Faster

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