Application Marketplace

HPC application marketplace

Nimbix is pleased to offer our customers access to a variety of applications for their high-performance computing needs on the Nimbix Cloud.  The applications below are a select few that are available on the Nimbix Cloud.  New applications are added all the time and many other cloud applications can be integrated with the Nimbix Cloud; just ask!

Nimbix provides on-demand and scalable compute resources that enable organizations to run large-scale HPC workloads in the cloud. High Performance Computing (HPC) allows scientists, developers, and engineers to solve complex science, engineering, development, big data, and business problems using applications that require high compute capabilities. Nimbix’ growing number of integrated cloud services allows organizations to increase the speed and effectiveness of research by running high performance computing in the Nimbix Cloud, and to reduce costs by providing servers on-demand without large capital investments.

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Aavid SmartCFD
Abaqus Explicit
ANSYS® Electronics
ANSYS® Electronics R18
ANSYS® Electronics R19
ANSYS® Fluent 16.0
ANSYS® Fluent Benchmarks R19
ANSYS® Fluids
ANSYS® Fluids R18
ANSYS® Fluids R19
ANSYS® Multiphysics
ANSYS® Multiphysics R18
ANSYS® Multiphysics R19
ANSYS® Platform
ANSYS® Platform R18
ANSYS® Platform R19
ANSYS® Structures
ANSYS® Structures R18
ANSYS® Structures R19
AxWAVE™ Interface
AxWAVE™ Processing