What do The Black Keys, Batman, Iron Man, and Simplicity have to do with Nimbix?

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The answers to the above question might surprise you… as it turns out all of the above are intertwined and applicable to Nimbix for different reasons. Let’s dig in and find out how!

We recently went though a significant overhaul of our messaging, creative strategy, and web presence, very much a departure from our messaging of old. Our vision is still the same; we just needed an easier way to communicate this and share with the world. A few months back, some of us on the team recently gathered in a room, along with the super team at The Brand Hatchery and started throwing out ideas, laughs, long faces, high fives and even more ideas. We asked ourselves, how and what Nimbix is and where are we headed. How did we want to communicate, the company, our look and feel, and our amazing technology to the world?

Below are just a few of the questions we had to initially work through in order to give shape, voice and clarity to our messaging.

1. If you were a superhero, who would you be and why?

2. If you were a magazine, which one and why?

3. What is the single most persuasive idea for Nimbix?

4. What is the tone, voice, and vibe of Nimbix?

To answer the above questions and many others, our planning and brainstorming eventually moved beyond a series of meetings in a single room… into a few late nights, and tons of emails over many weeks. It’s also important to note that I consumed large amounts of coffee during this time… more than the norm. Aside from the creative aspect of this undertaking, I also found our team dynamics very interesting during the process. Our team went through quick gyrations of storming, forming, and norming as we fleshed out ideas for messaging and creative strategies. While these phases were generally quick, it was fun to step back at times and watch and observe the changing of phases. While seemingly insignificant, we also decided to tweak our logo during this exercise, as this was our original logo. Our logo had remained unchanged for about three years. While the proposed changes were small, a few more rounded corners and a slight change in the “B”, I underestimated the effort to get everyone’s buy in on the new logo. In the end, we came to a consensus and made the change, rounded corners and all!

You might ask where does Batman, Iron Man, and The Black Keys come in or how did I answer the above questions? Batman is hands-down my go to super hero. He’s human, yet an entrepreneur, although you could say the same about Iron Man. The Black Keys hands-down on voice and tone. Could any other two guys, make so much fantastic sound and energy?

While I’m often focused on service delivery, technology, and the customer experience, I found this endeavor to be extremely thought provoking and meaningful.  Striving for clarity brought us closer as a team and forged our identity as a company. Even after the last few years of super growth, our vision remains the same, which is creating powerful yet simple to use HPC cloud based solutions.


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