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When we started Nimbix in early 2010, a cloud computing company offering super speed servers for technical applications, our original concept was rooted in our belief that economic forces will drive inevitable change in the way we compute information. I originally named the company Compuconomy. I realize that may sound a bit ridiculous, but I have a technical bent, so it seemed fairly intuitive to me. The idea was that it merged the words “computer” and “economy.” I liked that it had multiple meanings, like the economics of computing, or something along the lines of the future economy depending more and more on high performance computers. After a few phone calls to other businesses where I received long pauses and awkward silences after saying the company name, it was apparent it was a five-syllable mouthful. We ultimately decided that it probably wasn’t a great name for a business; but our view of what the word meant was still important to us.

Consider the evolution of mainframes to low cost commodity servers, or the PC to the tablet. No doubt economic forces helped shape these transitions. We are seeing an explosion of computationally intensive applications emerging across multiple fields, so the idea of continuing to process compute-intensive data with truck loads of standard servers in the face of rising energy costs seems counter-intuitive. With the advent of new hardware acceleration technologies, products that enable computers to run applications hundreds of times faster while consuming less energy and space seem like a better approach. We believe economic forces will once again drive changes in our computing behavior over the long run; perhaps even favoring these new technologies.

After lots of coffee at a local Dallas Starbucks, we ultimately decided on the name Nimbix. It was based on the Latin word, nimbus, for “cloud”, combined with x-cceleration and information. Lucky for us, we were able to grab a domain name and make it work.

Of course, the name Nimbix continues to echo our original thinking; it connotes the idea of being nimble and efficient. And now with a little luck, perseverance, and lots of market demand, Nimbix will become an engine room for the “computer economy.”