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Today, we’re pleased to announce the mid-November release of NACC v2.1. We’ve been hard at work over the last many months to bring you new and exciting features. While there are a number of new features as part of this release, I wanted to bring a few to your attention that I’m most excited about!

There’s no disputing that HPC is hard… we addressed this head on during our first release, by abstracting the complexities of building out your computing environment, and allow you to focus on your dataset and computational tasks.

With our newest release we bring an even better user experience with a new responsive UI. Once you see our new responsive UI, you’ll quickly notice some familiarity. We’re bringing you the world’s first HPC application store. With ease, you’ll now be able to choose your application, choose your tasks and fire your job off, in the fewest clicks possible. Our responsive UI will also enable you to interact with our web service from ANY device, and respond accordingly, whether you’re on a desktop, tablet, or phone. Just think you can now start and monitor your HPC jobs from your Android tablet or iPhone. Increased mobility and fewer clicks equals greater productivity!

Who said notifications aren’t cool? We understand having the right information at the right time and place is critical. We’ve worked hard to provide you with timely notifications, where you choose what you want to see and where you want to see it. NACC v2.1 brings you the best and most flexible job notification system for HPC. Our notification engine has been enhanced to support multiple messaging end-points based on a number different event types. Our newly supported messaging end-points include SMS, and multiple email accounts. Imagine the ability to only SMS your phone when an HPC task completes from your cloud provider, or even automatically notify other team members where the job’s output resides once complete. Or maybe you want your verbose updates going to your email client and start and stop events to your phone.  NACC v2.1 brings a truly amazing level of control.

Speaking of job start / completion and input / output results, wouldn’t it be cool to have those inputs / outputs seamlessly moved to the end-point of your choosing? NACC v2.1 now supports the ability to source your data inputs from a number of alternative cloud locations, i.e., S3, Dropbox, any SFTP server, Globus, and your own Nimbix Drop location. This is useful if your data lives on S3, we can consume from S3 and once a job is done… write the results back to your choice of location, such as S3 again or maybe Dropbox, or your own SFTP server. Automated data movement will make your life easier, and take the “wait” out of cloud HPC. Launch your job and we’ll handle the rest.

Automation is a great thing so don’t forget all of the above features and functionality can be leveraged into using our simple, yet powerful API.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about NACC v2.1, mid-November can’t come fast enough for us. Join us in November, we’re changing where HPC is headed.