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I wanted to share a few tips on how you can leverage the NACC API to query for your job status. Both job_name and job_number are optional, but neither, either or both can be specified for your query. Should you not supply either job_name or job_number, then the API will simply return the status of your last five jobs.

To try this out, post your requests to the following URL

Just in case you forgot your API key, you can always grab this via the NACC portal.

Job query example

"username" : "your_username",
"api-key" : "yourAPIkey",
"jobname" : "139043483194-job-name",
"jobnumber" : 12345
"request" : "status"

There’s a number of interesting possibilities you can do here once you have this information, you can integrate with an existing dashboard / DevOps tool-set, leverage this info for existing notification / eventing systems you have, or for internal billing and accounting systems.

What are the ways you’re leveraging this information, we’d love to hear from you?