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Nimbix Co-Founder, Rob Sherrard, and Engineer, Cody Crouch, to host Nimbix’s first Twitter AMA Thursday June 16th 1pm-2pm CST.  

Nimbix Twitter AMA June 16

You’ve no doubt heard of AMAs.  AMA is short for ask me anything.  While we won’t have time to answer your pressing life questions, #NimbixAMA hosts Rob and Cody will take questions and share interesting facts and details about Nimbix products and services as well as supercomputing and HPC in general during our AMA.

You don’t want to miss this unique opportunity to chat with other HPC and Supercomputing fans with us on Twitter next week.

We’ll be giving away fun prizes during the #NimbixAMA on Twitter, with one grand prize winner, winning 200 compute hours!

Have a question about the basics of running simulations in the cloud, analyzing consumer habits, rendering and animation?  Our Twitter AMA is the place to get answers, June 16th 1-2pm CST!

  • Do you want to know more about the Dual Titan X machine type?
  • Do you want to know how our GPUs can help your organization?
  • Learn what TensorFlow  can do for you!


June 16th 1-2pm CST / 11am-noon PST / 2-3pm EST

If you aren’t able to make it to the chat, leave your question in the comments below or email your question to alicia.hagan @ nimbix. net and we’ll answer your question during the #NimbixAMA and/or via email. Include #NimbixAMA question in the subject line of the email.  Only those who participate in the live #NimbixAMA are eligible to win prizes.


  • Follow @Nimbix on Twitter – very important!
  • Login to Twitter at 1pm CST June 16th
  • Type #NimbixAMA in the search field
  • You’ll see all #NimbixAMA messages right on your Twitter account page
  • Ask Rob and Cody a question by starting a new Twitter message and include #NimbixAMA and @Nimbix
  • Join the conversation by clicking the reply link in a message you’d like to reply to and be sure to include #NimbixAMA and @Nimbix in all your posts/questions so we see them
  • Ask Rob and Cody anything related to Nimbix, supercomputing, and HPC

Rob and Cody may not be able to answer all questions during our 1-hour AMA but will respond to all questions via Twitter or email after the AMA.


  • Does JARVICE mean or stand for anything?
  • How did you come up with the name Nimbix?
  • What were some other company names your considered?
  • Much much coffee do you drink a day?
  • How many GPUs can you place in a single server?
  • What are some challenges you face with actively cooled GPUs?
  • How do you compete w/ larger cloud providers?
  • Are worried that AWS will beat you in a price war?
  • What are some trends you see in HPC?
  • What are some fun GPU use-cases you’ve seen?



Rob, Nimbix Co-Founder, was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug early in his career while working at AudioNet, which later became, a Mark Cuban venture. Since the late ’90s, he has been building and delivering online services and data-centers for media, banking, advertising, and content platforms. He is passionate about technology, large-scale, the customer experience–and his Atari 2600.

Cody, Nimbix Engineer, started at Nimbix in 2014 while pursuing a career in online tech reviews for his large social media following. He has always had a passion for tech and has helped deliver the JARVICE platform to customers for the past two years. He likes long walks on the beach, drones, electric skateboards and anything else that goes fast.