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Supercomputing from a super human angle

Containers in the Cloud By @Nimbix | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

Source: | April 28, 2015 by Leo Reiter Containers are game changers in cloud computing, despite the large installed base of traditional hypervisor-based infrastructure What’s hot in today’s cloud computing world? Containers are fast becoming a...

20 Innovative Ways IT Can Impact the Business in 2015

Source: | April 16, 2015 by David Spark   The business perceptions of the overall “need” of the IT department have shifted. In the face of shadow IT, the IT department can no longer survive solely as a necessary cost center....

Nimbix cloud platform assists in tailored workflow

Source: | April 10, 2015  Nimbix’s cloud platform JARVICE brings to big data compute jobs such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD) on oil and gas structures JARVICE can send data anywhere in a variety of formats to help one...

Nimbix CEO Addresses “Big Compute” Needs at OnCloud 2015

Steve Hebert Will Present the Nimbix Cloud Platform During AlwaysOn’s Top Company Showcase Anna, TX – February 24, 2015 –  Nimbix, a leader in cloud computing for Big Data and Computation, today announced that company CEO, Steve Hebert will present the company’s cloud...

HPC Cloud Anatomy 101 By @VirtualLeo | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

Source: | February 4, 2015 by Leo Reiter When it comes to cloud computing, there is no “one size fits all” platform for getting work done.  High Performance Computing (HPC) workloads are not web applications. Thankfully, there are...




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