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Cloud Supercomputing

How much faster do applicaions run on JARVICE?
Applications available in NACC have been tuned to shorten run times and increase productivity. Performance relative to other HPC cloud offerings or in house computing resources will vary based on the specific application. We expect to publish performance benchmarks for offered workflows, but targeted speed-ups will range from 2x to 100x depending on the algorithm.
How does Nimbix HPC as a service work?
Nimbix enables users to launch cloud HPC jobs on Nimbix infrastructure. Once users create an account on NACC, workloads for supported accelerated applications can be submitted through our Application API or Web Portal. Input data is automatically synchronized to a secure FTP server in the Nimbix cloud and queued for processing. Results are stored in user’s space at s and can be downloaded or migrated at the user’s discretion. The service is billed in minutes based on pro-rated hourly rates for applications and resources used.


Can I use the NACC API and resources with an in-house application?

Nimbix can work with you to setup and manage in-house applications and enable them for private use via the NACC API or Task Builder. Nimbix also provides fully managed private HPC infrastructures for specific implementations.

How do I run an application that is not listed?

In order to run your own application or commercial applications that are not listed, you will need to contact Nimbix support to setup your desired application environment. We welcome recommendations for new HPC applications that you would like to run on demand.

Data Management

How do I access my input, intermediate and output files?
Your user data is stored on a secure ftp server at To access, you can connect with your preferred ftp client and log in with your NACC username and API key found under Settings in your NACC account. You do not have to upload your input files at this location initially, NACC takes care of that automatically when you set up your job submission if you wish to have them uploaded from an external location. However, if you use the NACC Files method, you will need to ensure your input files are uploaded prior to job submission.
I have very large datasets. How do I get them to Nimbix?

Currently, data movement is handled over secure internet connection, even for datasets > 20GB. However, like many other cloud providers, providing an integrated courier service for very large datasets (TBs) is being contemplated. If you have a large amount of data you need to move for a project, please contact us and we can make shipping arrangements on encrypted disk.

Is my NACC-stored data persistent?

Nimbix retains user input/output data on secure FTP server for file retrieval, but does not provide a separate managed storage service at this time. Users are encouraged to backup their data once processed. Nimbix can move user data between user-managed secure cloud storage respositories, such as Dropbox and S3. If you would like to maintain continuous storage in NACC, this may be setup for an additional storage fee.

HPC Hosting

How do I access cloud GPU nodes?

You may order your own private cloud GPU systems from Nimbix for a monthly, no-contract subscription. Please contact for details and pricing.

How to navigate / leverage the remote power management UI
Below is a quick write-up on how to use the remote PDU switching, should you not have PDU access and or need PDU information, please contact Your PDU can be accessed via a browser, using the IP(s) given to you at the time of your account setup. From any of your machines (within Nimbix or outside of Nimbix), open a browser and type in the following: (note please use https) Login using the following: UID: xxxx (this is all upper-case, as it’s case sensitive) PASS: xxxxx (also case sensitive) Once you’ve logged in this will place you on the Home tab… please click on the Device Manager tab. Once on the Device Manager tab, then click on the Control link… as this will then to Outlet Control. Once here… you’ll see a list of machines tied to that PDU, from here click a check box next to the machine you wish to toggle… then select the Control Action, i.e. On, Off, Reboot, etc. Once you’ve selected the machine and Control Action, then click Next. At this point you’re done and the PDU will performed your selected action. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us @
Programmatic access to my PDUs?

We offer scripting (ssh) interface with our APC PDUs. Instead of using the web UI, you can use ssh to automate / script against the PDU and the receptacles that you use. See the link below for a quick how-to:

What operating systems are available to choose from for HPC hosting?

Nimbix offers all major linux distributions as well as Windows, including Windows HPC Server 2008 R2. OS licensing costs may apply, which are covered in your quoted monthly rate.


How do I purchase processing time from Nimbix?

Once you create a NACC account and add your payment method, you may begin submitting jobs immediately. You will be billed at the end of each month for accrued cloud processing time during that period.

How much do services cost?

Pricing packages will vary based on application, processing speed and amount of resources consumed. We will publish pricing for various pre-paid packages soon. Please contact us for a trial, or if you have an immediate inquiry or urgent project please contact Nimbix Sales at

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