Webinar: Deep Learning in the Cloud with NVIDIA and Nimbix
April 10

Join Nimbix and NVIDIA April 10th as we discuss deep learning on the Nimbix Cloud.  Nimbix is a purpose-built high-performance computing cloud that is optimized for volume, speed, and simplicity – precisely the attributes you are looking for when training deep learning models.  One of the ways we achieve this speed is through the application of NVIDIA GPU's as accelerators for vector-based calculations common to machine learning.

April 10, 2018 1 PM CST


Attend this webinar to learn how you can perform your model training quickly and easily at scale in the Nimbix Cloud. We will show you how easy it is to get started, including signing up for access from any device, uploading your data securely, running parallel models, and performing pre- and post-processing – all on-demand. Discover how the Nimbix Cloud can be used to run all of the common machine learning platforms accelerated with NVIDIA GPUs.  Joe's [NVIDIA] talk will present some use cases where GPU accelerated CVS parsing, SQL databases, Python scripting and GPU enabled DataFrames are used together to deliver a full Data Science workflow, for both training models as well as deploying and operating ML at scale.

Presenters & Moderator

Joe Eaton, Technical Lead, Data and Graph Analytics, Sparse Linear Algebra and Iterative Solvers at NVIDIA. He has been at NVIDIA for 5 years, and previously lead the development of CUDA libraries: cuSOLVER, AmgX, and nvGRAPH. He earned a Bachelors from Rice University and Masters from Stanford in Mechanical Engineering, followed by a Ph.D. from UT Austin in Computational and Applied Mathematics. He lives in Austin, Texas and frequently presents on the latest HPC technologies accelerated by NVIDIA GPUs.

Tom McNeill, Nimbix Senior Solutions Architect Tom is the senior solutions architect for Nimbix. He completed his Doctorate in Computational Biology under George Weinstock, Ph.D. at the Baylor College of Medicine Human Genome Sequencing Center. From there he has held bioinformatics scientist positions at Pioneer Hybrid, a DuPont Company, and Syngenta, where he was recognized as an inventor on eight patents in the area of genetic engineering. After a successful career in biotechnology, he moved on to leadership positions with Caris Life Sciences (medical diagnostics), and then Ingentium, before leading solutions architecture for Nimbix.
Doug Norton, Nimbix Enterprise Account Executive Doug is a senior enterprise sales, marketing, and business development executive with 30 years of experience in technology companies big and small. As Director of AI & Machine/Deep Learning sales for Nimbix, he works with both customers and strategic partners to help them leverage Nimbix’s purpose-built cloud computing platform for AI and HPC applications. Doug holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Missouri University of Science & Technology. Reach out to Doug after the webinar with any questions.