Getting Started with Aavid SmartCFD in the Nimbix Cloud


Getting Started with Aavid SmartCFD in the Nimbix Cloud

In this article we will show you how to get started using Aavid SmartCFD in the Nimbix Cloud. You can run Aavid SmartCFD with graphical user interface directly in your browser. Before starting, please visit the JARVICE Quick Start Guide for browser requirements, and the JARVICE Platform Sign-up to create a new user account. You can find out more about Aavid SmartCFD software in the Aavid SmartCFD Overview.

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Transferring Data

Each user has a secure data store on the Nimbix Cloud.  This is the area where your Nimbix applications will primarily access data, and it is stored persistently between jobs. For further information about data transfer, refer to our JARVICE data transfer guide.

You can transfer your data to Nimbix secure data store by referring to the Transfer files to and from JARVICE. Once you have transferred your data, Nimbix applications (e.g. Aavid SmartCFD) will have access to the data when you launch a job, and the data will be located in the /data directory.

Running Aavid SmartCFD

You can either run Aavid SmartCFD directly in your browser or by connecting with the Real VNC Viewer. However, you should first submit an application to run Aavid SmartCFD.

To get started, log in to your account and click the Compute tab and select Aavid SmartCFD. In the Task Builder page, you can set up your Vault and Machine configurations as well as Job Label (optional), Window size and Run time limit. Once you are done, click the Continue button.


A window with the API call being made to the cloud pops up to confirm your application submission. Once you Submit it, a Job submission status will be shown and then you will be directed to your Dashboard.


In the Dashboard, you can see the status of your job. The following are possible job statuses and their meanings:

  • Submitted: Your job has been successfully submitted and is waiting for hardware resources. You are not being billed while the job has this status.
  • Processing: Your job is running.
  • Completed: Your job has ended without errors.
  • Completed with Error: Your job has ended with errors. Check the Output button for more information.

Now you can run Aavid SmartCFD directly in your browser or by connecting with the Real VNC Viewer.

Running Aavid SmartCFD in your browser

Click on the green Connect button to run Aavid SmartCFD directly in your browser (If the green Connect button is not shown yet, you should wait). A new tab will be opened in your browser and Aavid SmartCFD software will be started.


For a better and faster 3D performance, we recommend to run Aavid SmartCFD using the Real VNC Viewer as described in the following section.

Running Aavid SmartCFD in VNC Client

If you would like a better and faster 3D experience, you may wish to download the Real VNC Viewer. For connection information, expand your job details and press the gray Help button. This will launch a pop up with VNC-server and a Password as shown in the below screenshot.


Open the VNC client, copy and paste the VNC-server name, then click Connect button. You will be asked to enter the password as listed on the dashboard, then a new VNC window will be opened and Aavid SmartCFD software will be started.

Uploading and Managing Data

Each of your jobs will have your user data stored in a directory called /data in your job environment. You should save all of your projects to this directory once you have completed your simulation. You do not need to have a job running to transfer data from your local machine to your Vault located at Please refer to the related article Transfer files to and from JARVICE for details on uploading and downloading data over SFTP.

Shutting Down Jobs

When you are done with your simulation and have saved all of your data to your /data or My Data directory on the Nimbix Cloud, you can terminate your job. The best way to terminate your job is by exiting Aavid SmartCFD by clicking the “x” in the application’s title bar. This will ensure that your data has properly saved prior to terminating the job. From the Dashboard, it is also possible to terminate the job using the black Shutdown button. If your job does not terminate cleanly, you may use the red Abort button. However, this may lead to corruption of your project or data loss. Note that your job will not terminate if you close the browser or disconnect from your VNC client. You can reconnect and continue your simulation work at a later time. Be sure when your simulation is completed that you save all data before terminating. Finally, be sure not to leave jobs running unnecessarily as this will bill costs to your account.

Retrieving Results

Once your simulation has completed, you may wish to transfer your results from /data to your local machine using the same way they have been uploaded. Please refer to the related article Transfer files to and from JARVICE for more information.


If you have any questions please contact sales at or for technical assistance, email Our team will assist with standard and custom workflows to better serve your simulation needs.