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Innovate faster and reduce time to market by performing large scale simulations and analysis using industry-leading mechanical, fluid, and CFD simulation software on the Cloud.
“The CFD simulations I run are crucial to understanding aircraft aerodynamics, performance and safety. With tens of millions of data points, they used to take up to 12 hours on my in-house cluster. I would set up a simulation and let it run overnight and hope it would be finished when I got up in the morning. With Nimbix, I can stack up several jobs, go to lunch, and they’re done when I get back. The speed, scalability, and efficiency of the Nimbix Cloud have made a big difference in my work.”
Will de Jong
Independent Aerospace Engineering Consultant, Aero Xpertise LLC

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The Nimbix Cloud provides automotive engineers the tools needed, such as Automotive FEA applications, including LS Dyna, Ansys Mechanical/Fluent, COMSOL, CST, as well as Abacus and Star-CCM, to accelerate workflows and get results faster.
“Accuracy is very important to us. JARVICE™ and the Nimbix Cloud gave us the HPC resources to run computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations using Ansys Fluent, which provides solutions with a high level of accuracy. Those results give us the optimal design to build, test, and take to the wind tunnel with confidence. When the results from the CFD simulations and wind tunnel agree, they eventually end up on the track. And when we’ve got cars in the winner’s circle, that’s when my job is successful.” 
Colby Mazzuca
CFD Engineer, Richard Childress Racing

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Build and deploy advanced fingerprint identification and authentication solutions with applications and tools including TensorFlow on IBM® Power computers with the PowerAI toolkit and NVIDIA® DGX™.
“Now that we’ve partnered with Nimbix, we have effectively increased our available compute resources by an order of magnitude, enabling us to turn around new sensor designs within just one week. We can run through the entire simulation and verification process without any costly local compute infrastructure, giving us an ever-higher degree of confidence in our designs and letting us pull the trigger on new design releases in a timelier fashion.” 
Brent Guard
Senior Director of Engineering, IDEX Biometrics

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Ensure your organization's supply chain operates smoothly, and the right products are in front of the right audience using big data solutions such as Hadoop for High Performance Data Analysis.
"Customers are looking at minutes, even seconds. We can't talk about waiting five minutes to spin up interactive applications. That's not good enough," said Paul Arden, CEO of Migenius, who examined a number of cloud services before selecting Nimbix for performance reasons."
Paul Arden
CEO, migenius

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Develop new therapies and medical devices and optimize the patient and physician experience by leveraging scalable compute resources and Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Simulation, and Analytics applications on the Nimbix Cloud.
“Medical probes differ tremendously from one manufacturer to another, and since we couldn’t get the actual probes themselves, we ran massive simulations to determine which ones work best and why. With over 40 million mesh elements per probe, each simulation would take days to run on my computer. With JARVICE and the Nimbix Cloud, I start a simulation running at night and it’s done the next morning. And with Nimbix Cloud I can run simulations for three or four projects at the same time. I can’t do that on my computer.”
Adriana Druma
Design Engineer, Boyd Corporation

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Simulate, validate, and optimize processes for manufacturing and supply chain using on-demand, scalable, Machine Learning and Simulation applications.
"MiNO Marine’s diversification strategy required penetrating a mature market of well-respected ship designers and builders, so we needed to design more than just another towboat. JARVICE™ and the Nimbix Cloud accelerated our analysis capabilities in computational fluid dynamics, allowing us to deliver an all-new hull design based on modern engineering techniques. Ultimately, that differentiator sold our design to the market, and we had these new boats under construction inside a year."
David M. Bourg
PhD PE Founder and Managing Partner, MiNO Marine LLC

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Use Machine Learning and AI technologies to expand Oil & Gas solution opportunities, improve drilling hit rates, and ease the decision-making process.
"Using Nimbix, we immediately noticed how easy and streamlined the processing was. The service was simple to launch and we found that the powerful HPC cloud is well designed for the volume and data processing speeds we need. It can clearly support the timeline necessary to deliver on jobs, while not exceeding our budget. This ensures we can do computations better and faster."
Mustafa C. Kara, Ph.D
Engineer, Deepwater Technology, DNV GL

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Develop telecommunication solutions that optimize and empower a scalable, sustainable future, simulate the performance of telecom hardware, and gain access to powerful insights via Big Data & Analytics applications.
"Using Ansys' cloud partner, Nimbix, to run Fluent across hundreds of cores has allowed Altaeros to rapidly assess the aerodynamic performance of our prototype designs across a wide range of operating conditions with high fidelity but without prohibitively long run times. The Nimbix platform has proven fast and very easy to use and the technical support from Nimbix has been exceptional."
Jonathan Everitt, PhD
Principal Aerodynamicist, Altaeros
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