Why Choosing a Hybrid Cloud Strategy Makes Sense — The Best of Both Worlds

The hybrid computing strategy is a mid-point between full on-premises and a complete cloud solution.   For many businesses, this solution is the ideal strategy in that it allows them to keep highly sensitive material on site and entirely under their control and maintain their traditional IT practices while dipping their toes into the cloud experience at the enterprise level.  The notion of going full cloud, from full on-premises would represent too drastic a change for many businesses.

The changes to the enterprise revolve around a process; budgeting, engineering, and metrics within the IT organization.  Given these areas of change, the hybrid solution allows the enterprise to gain experience in a cloud environment while leaving a path open to retreat to on-premises if necessary.  As the enterprise gains experience in the cloud, it can begin to determine which operations make economic and business sense to put on the cloud and which are best left in-house.

As an enterprise begins to get comfortable with the cloud experience and model, we tend to see two types of cloud strategies begin to emerge within the broader notion of hybrid cloud.  The first is hybrid cloud as a migration path to full cloud and the second is hybrid cloud as a capacity or burst service to deal with increasing compute demand. In both cases, JARVICE™ XE up to the task of addressing those sub-strategies.

JARVICE™ XE is the newest version of Nimbix’s cloud operating system and environment.  It allows an enterprise to run JARVICE™ on their cluster and have the same experience they have on the Nimbix cloud.  This includes containers on bare metal and all or part of the Nimbix catalog also running on their in-house cluster(s).  This allows the enterprise to run the same codes either on-premises with their hardware or on the Nimbix cloud using the latest hardware from IBM, Lenovo, and other vendors.  Additionally, as the Nimbix application catalog changes, so do the enterprise's catalogs making version control a seamless exercise.  To the enterprise, the friendly look, and feel, features, and catalog of JARVICE™ is available to them on-premises.  If their clusters are busy, they can run their same workloads on the Nimbix cloud for their contracted rates.

As the enterprise becomes more comfortable with running workloads both on-premises and in the cloud, it can collect data that can support the strategic decision to either continue with this successful hybrid approach or to go full cloud.  Either way, the experience will be the same when using JARVICE™. At this point, the decision is one of economics and business requirements.

With JARVICE™ XE running on-premises you genuinely do have the best of both worlds.