POWER8 in the Nimbix Cloud

Nimbix has new IBM Power Systems S822LC (Minsky) for high performance computing powered by the 128-thread POWER8 CPU. The machines are uniquely suited to GPU-accelerated, high performance computing applications such as Kinetica and machine learning. The hardware is equipped with our standard supercomputing network fabric, FDR Infiniband, and Pascal-based NVIDIA Tesla P100s equipped with NVIDIA NVLink. The IBM and NVIDIA deployment on Nimbix is the first of its kind in the public cloud and is one most advanced computing platforms available on demand. JARVICE has a dedicated IBM Power portal at https://power.jarvice.com. Users can run application in the marketplace such as IBM’s PowerAI or develop custom applications using PushToCompute™.

  • 128 threads, 4 x NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs, and 128 GB of RAM
  • NVIDIA NVLink for multi-GPU utilization
  • PushToCompute leverages familiar continuous integration and continous deployment workflows for deploying applications to POWER8 architecture machines
  • PushToCompute build service for compiling POWER8 applications and deploying application images directly to JARVICE
  • Turn-key workflows on JARVICE transparently leverage the compute capabilities of IBM POWER without architecture-specific expertise