Nimbix Featured on InfoTECH: GPUs, Training Data Availability Add to Machine Learning Uptake

August 16, 2016 VIEW ALL

Machine learning has grown in importance and uptake in recent years as more organizations seek to employ this technology for faster and more efficient decision making.

Indeed, that’s why Apple (NewsAlert) last week announced plans to buy Turi Inc., and Intel last week announced its intention to purchase Nervana Systems. And it’s why such tech leaders as Amazon, Google and IBM (NewsAlert) all offer machine learning capabilities as part of their cloud services.

Nimbix is another cloud company catering to organizations that want to use machine learning. Its platform, called JARVICE, is based on NVIDIA’s (NewsAlert)  Tesla K80 graphics processing units and allows organizations to run large-scale high-performance computing workloads in the cloud. JARVICE, which Nimbix charges for on a per-second basis, reduces developer time to deployment from weeks to hours.

“Cloud computing can be a highly effective and cost efficient way to free up space for HPC projects,” according to this June Nimbix blog. “Utilizing a high performance cloud for your organization’s HPC projects allows you to stay up to date and on top of the fast changing applications and infrastructure.”

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