Introducing the Compute30™ Webinar Series!

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At Nimbix, we’re always thinking of ways to advance the HPC community through technology and education.  Today, we’re pleased to announce Compute30 ™, our new webinar series designed to keep you abreast of the latest trends in HPC.

We know how precious your time is, so we thought long and hard about the best format to make the most of it.  As its name implies, each Compute30 ™ webinar is just a half hour long, split into a 20 minute presentation and 10 minutes of live Q&A.  We will do our best to be as concise and thorough as possible.  If we don’t get to your particular question, don’t worry – we’ll email you a response directly!  We’ll also be asking you for feedback on what future topics you’d like to see in the series.

Another thing we realized is that you make up a diverse audience with different interests.  So we divided the program into 2 “tracks”: Technology and Industry.  Technology will focus on technical overviews and “deep dives” of HPC platforms and tools, helping you make the most out of the Nimbix cloud.  Many of the topics will be of special interest to developers and ISVs looking to build and scale HPC applications.

Industry is all about solutions, and will feature vertically-focused content on how to use HPC on Demand to solve the toughest problems.  You can expect lots of content on simulation, analytics, and academic topics.  We’ll even invite industry experts and partners to help with the presentations and Q&A, ensuring you get the most out of these programs.

We invite you to visit Compute30 ™ page for a full schedule of upcoming webinars.  You can click on the links to register for future ones, or replay past ones.

We look forward to your participation, and answering your questions!


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