JARVICE 2.0 is here! An open letter to developers…

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Dear friends:

JARVICE 2.0 is the new engine powering the Nimbix Cloud, and by extension, the future of High Performance Computing (HPC) and Big Data workflows.

A few years ago, Nimbix pioneered the use of containerized bare metal applications for HPC workflows in the cloud.  This was a follow up to our invention called Reconfigurable cloud computing, which is our technological raison de’etre.  JARVICE 1.0 released this capability to the world in late 2013, and since then, has run tens of thousands of large scale workflows with tremendous performance and industry-leading ease of use.  It delivered the perfect blend of cloud agility with the bare metal performance and low latency interconnects (specifically InfiniBand) that is mandatory for serious HPC workflows.  Our customers realized the economic benefits of high density, low latency compute in the cloud and saw great savings at the solution level when compared to more commodity, virtualized, Ethernet-based offerings.  And best of all, they enjoyed higher classes of service (Software-as-a-Service), rather than having to waste lots of time (and money) with machine configuration at the infrastructure level.  From this perspective alone, “Mission Accomplished!”

Being obsessed with customer success, however, we did not rest on our laurels.  We learned all we could from the 1.0 platform and its user experiences, working closely with our customers and partners to understand and prioritize feedback.  While we kept improving 1.0, we started working on 2.0 in 2014.  We understood that some areas needed major improvements, and we could not afford to interrupt customer workflows (that run 24 hours per day, 7 days per week on the Nimbix Cloud) to make them.

In parallel to the software platform (JARVICE 2.0), we also designed the most advanced high performance public cloud infrastructure ever deployed.  We innovated on storage, bringing self-service clustered storage to HPC with better performance than most parallel storage, but with the flexibility and elasticity of the cloud.  We built a state of the art fabric based on the latest 100Gbps EDR InfiniBand with effective 1:1 blocking factor, which is at least twice as what scientific computing application vendors usually recommend.  And last but not least, we designed highly efficient power and cooling to make sure the system is gentle on the planet as well.  Our new infrastructure is highly available and self healing, and together with the JARVICE 2.0 “operating system” now deployed on it, ready to tackle the next generation of problems – the types of problems we previously thought impossible, especially in a cloud computing context.

On February 1st, 2016, The Nimbix Cloud, powered JARVICE 2.0, went live.  We believe history will remember this day not only as significant to Nimbix, but also to the broader high performance cloud computing industry.

To celebrate, we are putting a call out to developers.  Come build applications on this cloud, even if in the past you were disappointed with the complexity and sluggishness of other offerings.  We’ll help you integrate your software into the platform and its marketplace, and be your cloud enablement partner from here on out.  Like you, we will be fanatically dedicated to the success of your end users, and help you grow the popularity of your applications in the cloud.

Nimbix Developer Summit registrationWe’d also like to invite you to our inaugural Nimbix Developer Summit, on March 15th, 2016 in Dallas, Texas.  It’s a one day conference, and we’re waiving the the price of admission this year.  We’re making this a community event “of developers, for developers, by developers”.  We’ve got a great line up of technical speakers ready to present some of the most advanced use cases and technologies on the market today, and we’d love for you to be our guest.  Please register soon, as space is limited – and don’t forget to tell your friends about it.  You won’t hear sales pitches here, just serious technical topics, so please don’t hesitate!

Most importantly, we want to hear from you.  Just like we did with JARVICE 1.0, we want to make sure we learn as much as possible with 2.0, so that we can make the future even brighter.


Leo Reiter

Chief Technology Officer, Nimbix, Inc.


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