Cloud Supercomputing Just Got Upgraded

JARVICE 2.0 Expanded PaaS

Expanded PaaS

Expanded Platform-as-a-Service (Paas) capabilities for developers and ISVs to quickly and easily onboard new applications and workflows.

JARVICE 2.0 Vaults


JARVICE Vaults enabling users to choose their specific requirements for storage, capacity, performance and cost, without sacrificing compatibility with existing applications and workflows.

JARVICE 2.0 Improved Control

Improved Control

Improved controls for enterprise security and accounting, including user “teams” and richer itemized billing.

JARVICE 2.0 Cloud Supercomputing
“JARVICE is the best solution for accessing the power of modern NVIDIA GPU accelerators, in the cloud — with minimal effort. The flexibility afforded by the 2.0 version allows us to use GPU hardware in a true, on-demand fashion.  With startup times measured in the seconds instead of minutes, our customers can rapidly scale-out when needed.”

 – Paul Arden, CEO, migenius