Knights Racing team at UCF Speeds up CFD Cloud Simulation with Nimbix

Nimbix has recently engaged in a partnership with the team at Knights Racing Engineering Motorsports at UCF, who are currently using STAR-CCM+ models to run Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to determine how the nose cone size and shape affect downforce and drag on their vehicle.

The team is also using Nimbix Cloud ANSYS LS-DYNA to run crash simulations on different materials as well as sizes and shapes for their impact attenuator, a device used to help decelerate a car, absorb energy and protect the driver during a front end crash.

CFD cloud simulation - UCF Knights Racing

“By using Nimbix, our team has cut 8-10 hour simulations down to less than 2 hours. Nimbix has also allowed the team to run multiple simulations simultaneously which greatly reduces computational time.  The easy-to-use Nimbix user interface makes uploading files and running simulations seamless and efficient. We plan to further use Nimbix for simulations such as composite analysis, chassis torsional rigidity, chassis vertical bending, chassis lateral bending, chassis horizontal lozenging, topology optimization, and CFD.”

Kyle Lozinski, Knights Racing Engineering Motorsports at UCF