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March 25, 2013 VIEW ALL

I’m back in the blogging seat today and while I’m here, I wanted to share some our recent UI changes, along with a preview into some new features coming to NACC.

Let’s dive right in and take look at some of these new UI features we recently launched.


The “dashboard” is your single window view into some of following areas, job status, notifications, key job stats, and the ability to quickly launch your most frequent application workflows. You can see on my dashboard that BWA is my most used app, mostly from test cases. BWA really shows the power of NACC in terms of flexibility, in creating multi-step workflows, along with the compute power of our accelerated co-processors.


Task Builder

Our task builder allows for easy to use workflow creation. In my example below, I’m creating a multi-step paired-end read for BWA. Here I can quickly and easily provide my reference database, either provided by Nimbix (already pre-indexed) and or a number of other third party sources. Once I’ve selected my reference database, which could be plant, animal, or human (martian or gremlin anyone?), I’m then able to provide my read sequence inputs and any optional parameters associated with BWA. Lastly as part of our task builder I can provide details on where my output needs to go, again this could be a Nimbix location or any one of our third party locations.


Data Mover

Data movement is a critical part of workflow and data processing. Our v2.1 release allows you to seamlessly move your inputs and outputs to the location of your choosing for both pre and post processing. Currently we support automated data movement for S3, Dropbox, Globus, and any SFTP location. Our automated data movers give our users significant flexibility when it comes to building, and submitting jobs because they’re not having to wait for data movement to occur and or jungle any dependancies within a workflow due to missing inputs / outputs.


Don’t forget that all of the above features can also be leveraged using our API!

More and More Features

You’re asking… and we’re listening and building! We’re heads down on building amazing new features for you. Some of these new features will include true integrated remote visualization. Just think… from a post-processing stand point, you won’t have to move your data back out of the cloud. You’ll simply be able to interact in real-time with your outputs, models, etc. within the Nimbix cloud. We’re also heads down on offering our users the ability to select their desired interconnect at run-time. This means you’ll be able to select either gigE, 10gigE, or Infiniband for your given application. You won’t have to worry about the plumbing of the fabric, just tell our task builder and we’ll make it happen, in real-time. Lastly, we’re working on building and delivering a true DCIM product for our private cloud / colocation users. This will allow for a ton of flexibility around space, power, and cooling management.

The old blog seat is getting a bit uncomfortable now. I’ve shown you a few things about v2.1 and shared a bit of our product roadmap. I’d like to leave you with a small video of NACC in action. If a picture is worth a 1000 words, this video should be worth at least 10’s of thousands of words.


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