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January 8, 2013 VIEW ALL

Keeping with the theme from my last posting I wanted to share a little information about another one of our amazing customers.  HUGEdata has been a Nimbix customer since September of 2012.  They provide a cloud-based or onsite database specially designed to handle the demanding workloads from the ever-increasing need to query, analyze, and derive value from large amounts of data in seconds.

It is specifically aimed at companies with the need to analyze huge (hundreds of millions or billions of rows) amounts of data along with complex queries in seconds instead of minutes and hours.  The system utilizes existing tools and languages (SQL) already in use at most companies, speeding implementation and reducing disruption to existing data and systems, and all at a lower total cost of ownership.

Learn more about HUGEdata and why they choose Nimbix by clicking here to read the case study.


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