Nimbix Cloud

Pay-As-You-Go Cloud Computing Pricing
With a few clicks, hand over a workload to JARVICE and let it run.

Our cloud computing pricing is customer friendly, simple, transparent, and we don’t require contracts. We provide per-second billing and discounts with increased usage.   JARVICE does all the work: start-up, execution, completion, and notification for as low as $.36/hour.

  • Simulate, Transcode, Sequence, Analyze, Process, and Design
  • Run catalog applications on demand, or implement your own
  • Bare metal servers on demand
  • GPU servers on demand
  • Machine Learning on demand
  • Free file upload
  • Free file storage

Below is our Cloud Computing pay-as-you-go price sheet.  Find the compute resources that best match your cloud computing needs, then click Get Started to sign up.

TypeCoresRAMCoprocessor(s)Network BandwidthHourly Price
N02 core16GB RAMCPU Only20Gbps$0.36
N14 core32GB RAMCPU Only20Gbps$0.68
N28 core64GB RAMCPU Only20Gbps$1.25
N316 core128GB RAMCPU Only56Gbps$2.42
N416 core256GB RAMCPU Only56Gbps$3.00
NG02 core16GB RAMBitfusion Boost20Gbps$0.49
NG216 core128GB RAMSingle M209056Gbps$2.50
NG44 core32GB RAMSingle K4020Gbps$.90
NG54 core32GB RAMSingle K8020Gbps$1.06
NG74 core32GB RAMSingle M4020Gbps$1.83
NG0816 core512GB RAMOctal P100100Gbps$29.50
NGD416 core128GB RAMDual K4056Gbps$3.50
NGD516 core128GB RAMQuad K8056Gbps$4.85
NGQ716 core128GB RAMQuad M4056Gbps$7.40
NP8G132 thread128GB RAMSingle P10056Gbps$4.95
NP8G4128 thread512GB RAMQuad P10056Gbps$14.20
NX116 core128GB RAMXilinx KU356Gbps$3.00
NX216 core128GB RAMXilinx 7v356Gbps$3.00
NX316 core128GB RAMXilinx KU11556Gbps$3.00


If you didn’t find the machine configuration you’re looking for, please let us know.