Nimbix Partner Program

At Nimbix, we understand the value of our partners.  Nimbix partners provide applications for companies with flexible and scalable requirements to meet and support high performance computing and acceleration needs.  Partnerships are essential to our business and managing our relationships is a priority which is why we’ve created the Nimbix Partner Program.

Our Partner Program ensures that all customers receive the same level of support and equal access to resources.   Nimbix strives to understand and support our partners unique business needs.

The program enables partners to offer the complete line of Nimbix solutions. Through these solutions Nimbix partners will be able to leverage Nimbix’s expertise helping better serve customers, build loyalty and create new revenue opportunities. Through The Nimbix Partner Program, Partners can provide customer access to the Nimbix cloud.

We aspire to provide the support needed for our partners unique business needs.   Working with our partners, we are able to develop innovative solutions with the highest level of performance and service.


Benefits of Joining the Nimbix Partner Program


Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partners:
  • Provide SAAS and PAAS Solutions to your customers:   At Nimbix, we provide the application solutions and scale on our Nimbix Cloud powered by JARVICE including access to GPUs and FPGAs on-demand, project based, or based on annual contracts.
  • Scale Effectively: Leverage Nimbix’s HPC Cloud infrastructure and our custom portal to provide individual customers with the scale required to effectively perform their tasks effectively on our purpose-built HPC cloud with performance exceeding all our competitors
  • Support and Implementation: At Nimbix, we extend your IT team by providing software enablement on our Nimbix portal with up to date releases.  If you developed an application, you can upload it directly with the support of our orchestration software, JARVICE, or we can assist with the process to enable their application at scale and provide a link for their customers on our portal page.
Nimbix Referral – Cloud Consulting Partners
  • Are you a consulting firm focused on providing customer solution requirements for High Performance computing, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning or Deep Learning companies?  We can assist.
  • If you have a customer you are advising with the selection of a cloud provider to enable their specific applications or provide a platform with superior performance and scale, we would like to work with you.
  • At Nimbix, we will orchestrate a solution with  your customer to provide detail on our Nimbix solutions and lead you through the process for implementation and enablement.  Once we solidify a relationship with your customer, you will receive distributions based on the contract executed by the customer whether it is based on a project, monthly or annual contract.

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