How To Offload Excess HPC Projects Without The Cost and Time Of Building More In-House

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How To Offload Excess HPC Projects Without The Cost and Time Of Building More In-House

HPC projects, or high performance computing projects, require high performance clusters and fast network fabrics that can be difficult for some in-house business systems or teams to support. There are a number of businesses and industries that utilize HPC for research, and computation to speed up the process of getting results for their work.

Cloud computing can be a highly effective and cost efficient way to free up space for HPC projects. Utilizing a high performance cloud for your organization’s HPC projects allows you to stay up to date and on top of the fast changing applications and infrastructure. The most effective cloud computing systems will be able to provide you with:

  • A scalable environment that is flexible and secure
  • An easy and efficient way to manage and monitor work flows
  • A simplified reporting tool tracking consumption and costs.

Nimbix offers a fast, efficient and economical solution for HPC projects. With the Nimbix Cloud, powered by JARVICE, Nimbix will provide your organization with a truly unique and high performing cloud computing platform. You get a personal supercomputer that allows you to run your HPC applications from your own browser or through an API.  You get a faster system that runs with ease and meets the high demands of HPC giving you more options and control over you cloud computing system.

Common HPC Requirements:

  • Most HPC applications required the use of computing clusters, or tightly coupled network of servers that can run single or multiple concurrent processing tasks.
  • HPC hardware used is often chosen based on CPUs, memory, disk I/O, and high speed, low-latency network fabric.
  • Limited resources are often shared and therefore typically use a batch scheduler.

Who can benefit from offloading HPC Projects to the Nimbix Cloud?

JARVICE is an optimal solution for various HPC projects in industries including:

With the complexities of HPC the task of finding a solution can be a challenge. With the Nimbix Cloud your organization will get an all in one solution to meet its HPC project needs. You will benefit from a fast system that is able to handle more functionality, which result in a more efficient way to test your projects; your teams will be able to do more with less difficulties.

The Nimbix team is here to help you move forward with your HPC project offloading.  Explore or Application Marketplace and give us a call at +1.866.307.0819 or email support or sales.


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