On-premises vs. Cloud,
Why not both?


On-premises vs. cloud, Yankees vs. Red Sox, Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins, Boston Bruins vs. Philadelphia Flyers, Ford vs. Chevy! Each solution has its pros and cons and its proponents and opponents. The truth of the matter is, as we say in Texas, “Different horses for different courses.”

On-premises solutions are like owning your own horses. They are great if you have the staff and resources to take care of them and exercise them regularly. If not, horses like on-premises computing facilities, are expensive to obtain, cost a fortune to keep fed and boarded (power, cooling, space), and vet bills will make your eyes water (systems administrators and data center engineers tend to be highly paid employees); but, anytime you want to take a ride, they are there happily munching on oats in their stable (you can control access and utilization to these resources).

Cloud computing is like a hired trail horse, every time you go to the riding center. You may get a different horse to ride, but, you get to your destination, the horse knows the way, and when you are done, you give the horseback. This is the Platform as a Service model. When you buy computing resources from a Platform as a Service provider like Nimbix, you are purchasing additional capacity and running the codes you own or have licenses that are pre-loaded and optimized. The ride may have cost you some money, but when compared to the cost of owning the horse it is quite reasonable, especially when examined on a cost per ride basis.

So, what about this hybrid-cloud model? Hybrid cloud allows those who own HPC systems that are on-premises to also use a cloud provider to alleviate capacity issues by bursting over or running catalogs of applications that reside on the cloud. Going back to our horse analogy, if you have stable of Quarter horses on-premises, what do you do when you need a Clydesdale for heavy work or a Thoroughbred when you want to run really fast, you’d rent or hire one out. Additionally, organizations that have sensitive data that they do not want to allow outside can continue to run on-premises while moving non-sensitive data to the cloud. In short, it allows a well-tuned on-premises HPC computer to have its capacity extended by expanding its capacity with an external cloud provider.

To learn more about our offerings for hybrid cloud, contact a Nimbix Sales Executive or stop by and see us in Dallas to take the Nimbix Cloud for a test ride.