Why are PaaS and SaaS Preferred in the Cloud?

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SaaS & PaaS Cloud Computing

With cloud computing offering the operation of enhanced environments and infrastructure without the requirement of additional hardware or software, PaaS (Platform as a Service) & SaaS (Software as a Service) are being preferred for cloud based computing services.  Below we will review a little bit about PaaS and SaaS, and why users are showing preference for cloud environments.

PaaS allows for developers and application owners to deploy applications for consumption by end users, without having to manage the entire infrastructure layer.  What makes a successful PaaS framework is it’s ability to provide a streamlined environment for quick development, testing, and deployment.  This allows a, simple, and cost-effective solution to be provided from the third-party developer to the end user.  By reducing code, hardware, and automation, that savings can be passed onto the customer or client, and allow for the vendor to create a larger profit margin.  

SaaS applications delivered as a service represent the largest part of the cloud market and they are continually growing.  This is due to the ability for a SaaS provider to quickly deliver applications created and maintained by a third-party resource or vendor and provide client access via an easy to use application interface.  This delivery model eliminates the need for additional hardware or software to be purchased, installed, or maintained, and can be immediately available and operational without extensive knowledge of computer science.

SaaS will run on-top of PaaS within the stack.  Best described as on-demand software because of its delivery model, SaaS is typically used via web browser. By leveraging software that has a specific need for web or mobile access, such as sales management or customer management software, or additionally software that is only to be used for a short term, one only needs to pay for what they are using while the service is specifically being used.  

So while Infrastructure as a Service was the first incarnation of cloud computing, growth in PaaS and SaaS are being driven by the growing ecosystem of end users who simply want to run applications at scale.  Platform provides another abstraction layer from the infrastructure and SaaS puts the applications in the hands of users.


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