Meet the supercomputer that’s super easy to use.

JARVICE™ is the high performance cloud platform built for true accelerated computing

JARVICE is the platform that powers the Nimbix Cloud. Built from the ground up for today’s most demanding workflows, JARVICE delivers superior performance, capabilities, and ease of use – whether enabling simulation, cognitive, life sciences, or other applications.

Code runs faster on JARVICE thanks to Nimbix’s innovative, patented Reconfigurable Cloud Computing, which runs containers on bare metal instead of virtual machines, eliminating the “hypervisor tax” that plagues other public clouds and datacenter infrastructures. Additionally, this technology enables seamless access to all cores, memory, interconnects, and accelerators without the need for complex, “passthrough” or paravirtualization techniques. Applications run on state of the art bare metal systems, as they were intended to, without anything getting in the way.

Complex workflows are easier on JARVICE thanks to its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model, versus the typical, complex Infrastructure-as-a-Service that other clouds rely on. Engineers and scientists don’t need to worry about DevOps and IT practices to get their work done – they can simply focus on solving today’s most challenging problems, 100% of the time. For those needing to build their own code, whether for private or public use, the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) interfaces of PushToCompute™ make this a breeze – JARVICE handles all the orchestration, deployment, monitoring, and other infrastructure operations automatically.


True HPC in the Cloud

JARVICE brings out the best in your data and your teams. Hand a workload to JARVICE and watch it manage start up, execution, completion and notification. Then, the best part – send your data anywhere, in a variety of formats, to turn your results into actionable insights.

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Built for applications

Need your own application environments and workflows? With JARVICE, you can run applications in containers at supercomputing scale. Which means that as your problems get more complex, JARVICE has the power to expand to handle them.

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Platform Features


Material Compute™

Material Compute™ is the heart of the end user experience for the JARVICE platform.
Its modern, intuitive web interface looks and functions great on everything from 4K monitors to smart phones and tablets. It’s truly supercomputing on demand any time, from any network connection, and on any device. Material Compute™ aims to present the right information at the right time, limit clicks, and get users to their workflows faster. It’s simply the easiest and most convenient way to consume complex applications in the cloud.



PushToCompute™ is the “on ramp” for developers and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to deploy their compute intensive applications in the cloud. Using state of the art container technology and continuous integration/continuous deployment, it quickly becomes an extension of an existing development pipeline – not a hurdle to have to overcome. Once deployed, updating applications is as simple as “pushing” code – JARVICE takes care of the rest. Optionally, ISVs can also list applications publicly in HyperHub™, making it really easy to deliver and monetize their software.