Nimbix Pricing

Highest Performance at the Lowest Cost

Our pay-as-you-go and subscription pricing options allow you to choose the plan or service that is right for you. See detailed on-demand pricing, hourly GPU computing rates or request a subscription quote for available discounts.

Enterprise Cloud Subscriptions

  • Enjoy the highest performance cloud computing platform for a flat monthly subscription 

    • Run high performance applications as-a-Service
    • Turnkey workflows for Simulation with industry leading software applications including ANSYS, CD-Adapco, Comsol, CST, Simulia and more
    • Big Data Platforms As-a-Service including platform options from Cloudera, MapR and more
    • Preferred discounts for best-in-class performance at the lowest cost
Subscription Pricing


  • With a few clicks, hand over a workload to JARVICE and let it run. JARVICE does all the work: start up, execution, completion and notification for as low as $.36/hour

    • Simulate, Transcode, Sequence, Analyze, Process, and Design
    • Run catalog applications on demand, or implement your own
    •‌ Bare metal servers on demand
    • GPU servers on demand
    • Machine Learning on demand
Pay-As-You-Go Pricing
Free Data Transfer

As part of the Nimbix Cloud service offering, we are pleased to offer customers free data transfer in and out of our cloud infrastructure.

Paying for what you use

You will be charged at the end of each billing cycle for your selected rate plan or subscription.  Use-based billing is available on request.  Nimbix calculates aggregate processing time at the end of each billing cycle and bills only for time.

Refund Policy

Refunds & Disputes: All products or services rendered by Nimbix are non-refundable. This includes, but is not limited to: setup fees, one time fees, monthly service fees, upgrade fees, additional service fees, administrative fees, and late fees. Customers seeking to resolve billing errors are instructed to contact Nimbix Accounting at +1-866-307-0819 x704. Customer agrees not to chargeback any credit card payments for services rendered. A chargeback of payment for services rendered will result in an additional charge of one hundred fifty dollars (“$150”) and will be subject to collection by an authorized collection agency. Customer is responsible for any fees and costs (including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys’ fees, court costs and collection agency fees) incurred by Nimbix in enforcing collection.

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