DNV GL Presents Nimbix High Performance Cloud Solution at IDC HPC User Forum

High Performance Computing in the Cloud Enables New Capabilities for Oil & Gas Simulation

Dallas, TX – April 7, 2015 – – Nimbix, a leader in cloud computing for Big Data and Computation, today announced that its customer, DNV GL, has been selected to present their Nimbix-based, High-Performance Cloud (HPC) strategy and benefits at IDC 56th HPC User Forum, Wednesday, April 15 at 11:30 a.m., Marriott Norfolk, Virginia.

“The mission of the HPC User Forum is to promote the global HPC industry and address issues of common concern to users,” said Steve Conway, IDC Research Vice President, HPC/HPDA and Steering Committee, HPC User Forum.  “Bringing actual use cases and real-world experience like that of Nimbix and DNV GL greatly benefits our attendees. We are excited to be highlighting the value of HPC in the cloud through the interesting topic of deep water technology.”

Titled, “HPC in the Cloud: Subsea Jumper Vortex-Induced Vibration,” Speaker, Dr. Mustafa Kara, Engineer, Deepwater Technology at DNV GL, will underscore the value that HPC — specifically powered by Nimbix’s JARVICE platform — brings to big data compute jobs such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) on oil and gas structures.  In addition, Nimbix’s user-friendly API enables DNV GL to use ANSYS® Fluent® software integration and creates tailored workflows with minimal effort and accelerated workload processing.
“Subsea jumper vortex compute calculations are very intensive,” Kara stated. “You don’t need to exacerbate the difficult process with slow performing cloud services.  Using JARVICE, we found the powerful, HPC cloud is well designed for the volume and data processing speeds we need while enabling us to meet deadlines and budget requirements.”

JARVICE is a supercomputing architecture adapted for self-service and elasticity rather than a commodity web services platform not capable of running true HPC workloads. The Nimbix Cloud, powered by JARVICE, is specifically designed for organizations that need more control over their physical big data and HPC application platforms, without compromising performance or ease-of-use.  Unlike other cloud infrastructure solutions, JARVICE is purpose-built for high-performance computing applications.

“Facilitating complex simulations in the cloud enables customers to solve large scale problems faster and easier than ever before,” said Leo Reiter, Nimbix’s Chief Technology Officer. “We are proud that JARVICE and the Nimbix Cloud are associated with deepwater technology and commend DNV GL for their forward thinking in leveraging cloud-based HPC services to achieve results.”

For further information on how the Nimbix Cloud solution helped DNV GL achieve its business objectives read the case study. Organizations interested in further information on the Nimbix Cloud can contact Nimbix, Inc. at 1.866.307.0819 or email:

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