Nimbix Announces High Speed Cloud Storage for AI and Deep Learning Workflows

Enables enterprise data scientists to store millions of objects for ultra-high-performance training of neural networks

Dallas, TX – Nimbix, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of a new high-performance storage platform in the Nimbix Cloud specifically designed for the demands of artificial intelligence and deep learning applications and workflows. The new premium JARVICE™ Vault is an all solid-state elastic file system which enables users to achieve tens of thousands of IO operations per second (IOPS) to feed ultra-fast GPU systems for AI and deep learning frameworks. The distributed file system also provides seamless access to data from large clusters of interconnected, bare-metal GPUs that work together to provide faster time to results.

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As enterprises, researchers and startups begin to invest in GPU-accelerated artificial intelligence technologies and workflows, they are realizing that data is a big part of this challenge,” said Steve Hebert, CEO of Nimbix. “With the new storage platform, we are helping our customers achieve performance that breaks through the bottlenecks of commodity or traditional platforms and does so with a turnkey deep learning cloud offering.

The high-performance data storage vaults provide persistent data storage that connects dynamically to the Nimbix Cloud computing platform, which runs container native high-performance applications and workflows. The workflows deploy on bare-metal GPU systems interconnected with 56Gbps Infiniband networks, delivering performance levels required to provide real-time insights to enterprises.

The new fully encrypted JARVICE™ Vaults are available now and offered as a monthly subscription on a per terabyte per month basis. Contact Nimbix at for pricing details and performance options.

About Nimbix

Nimbix is the leading provider of purpose-built cloud computing for machine learning, AI, and HPC applications. Powered by JARVICE™, the Nimbix Cloud provides high-performance software as a service, dramatically speeding up data processing for Energy, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Media, and Analytics applications. Nimbix delivers unique accelerated high-performance systems and applications from its world-class data centers as a pay-per-use service.

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