Powerful Seismic Processing and Visualization Capabilities Address Big Data Analytics Requirements for Oil & Gas Industry

Anna, TX  – October 28, 2014Nimbix, a leader in cloud-based, High-Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure and applications, today announced the expansion of Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) acceleration in its JARVICE cloud-based, High-Performance Data Analysis (HPDA) solution, delivering advanced Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE), big data analytics and seismic processing capabilities for the oil and gas market.

According to IDC, worldwide HPDA server revenue will increase 13.3 percent CAGR for HPDA-focused servers until at least 2017.  Steve Hebert, Chief Executive Officer at Nimbix, explains the importance of this growth and how his company is approaching the market:

“HPDA will bring high-performance computing into the mainstream enterprise, powered in part by GPU-accelerated big data solutions for both simulation and analytics-based data analysis,” Hebert said. “GPU acceleration will power the next generation of these complex analytics, and Nimbix will offer both Software-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service models to meet these needs.”

In addition to HPDA, Nimbix will work with partners and customers to develop public and hybrid cloud solutions that deliver GPU-accelerated energy, oil and gas and visualization applications.  HPC cloud solutions are an attractive alternative to legacy IT infrastructures, as they are faster to deploy, scalable to match varying business cycles and require less capital and operating investment.

“Nimbix's JARVICE service is the ideal platform to power accelerated applications such as Seismic Processing and Reverse-Time-Migration (RTM),” Hebert added.

Powered by NVIDIA® GRID™ GPUs and Tesla® GPU accelerators, JARVICE is a powerful new resource for next generation seismic processing and HPDA workloads.

“Combining the high performance of NVIDIA GPUs with Nimbix’s advanced JARVICE service provides a powerful, flexible platform to customers solving the massive data processing challenges posed by energy exploration and big data analytics,” said Randy Lewis, senior director, Sales and Business Development, at NVIDIA.

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