Nimbix CEO Addresses “Big Compute” Needs at OnCloud 2015

Steve Hebert Will Present the Nimbix Cloud Platform During AlwaysOn’s Top Company Showcase

Anna, TX – February 24, 2015 – Nimbix, a leader in cloud computing for Big Data and Computation, today announced that company CEO, Steve Hebert will present the company’s cloud platform, JARVICE, at the OnCloud 2015 event on February 26 at College of San Mateo, Silicon Valley.  The presentation highlights how the Nimbix Cloud is specifically designed for organizations that need more control over their big data and high performance applications without compromising performance or ease-of-use.

Sponsored by AlwaysOn, the annual summit gathers the brightest minds and top entrepreneurs, investors in the business-to-business application and cloud infrastructure space.  Nimbix was an ideal fit for content due to its solution offering’s ability to optimize Big Data and computational workflows in the Nimbix Cloud.

“Big data needs ‘big compute’ to be relevant,” said Steve Hebert, Nimbix’s CEO. “We look forward to addressing this topic with OnCloud 2015 attendees and presenting real-world options with high performance cloud requirements.”

In addition, JARVICE allows users to decide which system components and applications run on in-house equipment, and how much of the Nimbix public cloud to leverage for additional scale.  Other solution features include, but are not limited to:

  • On premises infrastructure for data security and location compliance

  • Upstream platform management, ensuring seamless operation/continuous integration of new applications and feature enhancements

  • Seamless bursting to Nimbix Cloud for additional compute capacity

  • Big data and high-performance functionality, with best performance/ease-of-use for compute-intensive use cases

  • Platform-as-a-Service/Software-as-a-Service models, allowing developers and end users to operate from one self-service platform

  • 3D Visualization, driving end-to-end workflows while minimizing data transfer

Organizations interested in further information on the Nimbix Cloud can contact Nimbix, Inc. at 1.866.307.0819 or email:

About Nimbix

Nimbix provides a purpose built compute cloud for big data and computation.  Nimbix offers high performance applications as a service through the Nimbix Accelerated Compute Cloud™, dramatically speeding up data processing for Energy, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Media and Analytics applications. Nimbix delivers unique accelerated high-performance systems and applications from its world-class datacenters as a pay-per-use service. Additional information about Nimbix is included in the company overview, which is available on the Nimbix website at