PushToCompute™, a platform capability of JARVICE, is a method for rapid cloud deployment of containerized compute intensive applications.

PushToCompute™ automatically converts Docker images to the native JARVICE format as part of the workflow. The JARVICE container runtime is optimized for high performance and accelerated applications, and powers all workflows available in the Nimbix Cloud.

PushToCompute Features


PushToCompute™ Features

  • Standard Docker container format for building and packaging
  • Automatic conversion to high performance JARVICE format for runtime
    • Baremetal execution (no hypervisor overhead)
    • Applications start in seconds (or faster, depending on requested hardware), leveraging Nimbix’s high performance distributed platform storage architecture
    • Advanced accelerators and coprocessors (supercomputing GPUs, FPGAs)
    • InfiniBand RDMA interconnects
    • Heterogeneous data management with POSIX filesystem abstraction (in /data)Automatic high performance platform orchestration during Nimbix Cloud runtime, including:
  • Parallel and distributed application support at large scale (multiple nodes, large memory, distributed scratch storage)
  • Deployment automation via Web Hooks
  • Single node “JARVICE emulator” built-in to base images for unit testing
  • Supports both interactive (graphical, web-based, etc.) and batch (solvers, etc.) applications
  • Point-and-click setup for basic application definitions, with additional options to create JARVICE portal front-ends for workflows using JSON definition
  • Optional pricing and publishing of your applications (contact Nimbix for details)
  • Pricing of $10.95 per month for up to 10 application images (excluding compute usage charges)

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