Putting Kepler GPU Cards to Work in the Cloud

kepler GPU

How Kepler GPU Cards are Reshaping the Cloud Computing Landscape

Accessing the seemingly infinite pool of virtual machines, CPUs and memory in the cloud has been taking the IT industry by storm over the last several years.  Ubiquitous, on-demand access has become the new norm for consuming computing resources in the cloud for web services.

In the midst of all this change, there has been another storm brewing:  applying the massive parallelism of graphics processors in cloud computing.  The widespread deployment of consumer grade graphics cards serving the gaming industry over the last decade has provided rocket fuel for innovation and investments in new application areas.  With smart, powerful mobile devices now in the hands of billions of consumers, the clouds and web service providers behind them need new engines to deliver content rich services and powerful data processing platforms to meet the insatiable compute requirements being placed on those private and public clouds.

 NVIDIA Kepler GPU Cards Driving Web Services Innovation

Enter the NVIDIA Kepler GPUs.  NVIDIA has been leading the way in tapping into new markets with their graphics chips, including becoming a standard High Performance Computing clusters.  The newest lineup of K40 GPUs boast 1.4 Teraflops of throughput, 2880 CUDA cores, 288Gbp/s of bandwidth, and 12GB of on board memory.  These powerful devices can now be put to work in a cloud environment not only to help chomp through the billions of bits of data that need to be processed, but also to deliver a new class of web services in a completely elastic cloud environment.

kepler GPU

From online gaming, to real-time rendering, high performance video transcoding to 3D Workspaces, Kepler GPU cards are helping to transform cloud architectures and the services they deliver.   Here is a list of some of the many applications where Kepler GPUs are being put to work:

  • 3D Workstations
  • Cloud Gaming
  • Electromagnetics
  • Enterprise Analytics and Big Data
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Molecular Dynamics
  • Real-time Rendering
  • Seismic Processing
  • Video Transcoding
  • Virtual Desktops

As the leading provider of GPU-enabled cloud computing solutions, Nimbix is pleased to offer the new class of Kepler GPU cards, including NVIDIA GRID, and the newest Tesla K40 GPUs.  Because the Nimbix cloud serves bare-metal servers running customer NAEs (Nimbix Application Environments), users are able to harness the full processing power of Kepler GPU cards in the cloud.  This level of access is enabling consumers to solve their biggest computing challenges as well as build, develop and deliver the next generation of content rich web services that will change how we engage the world.