Samsung SmartSSD® Drives

Scalable Big Data Acceleration Using Computational Storage

The SmartSSD® advanced computational storage device couples a fast solid-state drive with Xilinx accelerators to deliver scalable speedup of big data processing and analytics. Data is processed directly on the SmartSSD drive, before it reaches the host CPU, avoiding large data movement between storage and CPU and speeding up time to insight. The Nimbix Cloud offers data analysts, data scientists, and acceleration IP developers easy access to accelerated in-storage computing for next-generation cloud and datacenter applications.


Data analysts and data scientists

  • SmartSSD Spark Acceleration Solution Brief
  • Run faster Spark SQL queries with up to 6x end-to-end acceleration with Bigstream software and no code change
  • Additional accelerated analytic frameworks in development for future deployment


Acceleration IP developers

  • SmartSSD Product Brief
  • Evaluate and test your IP for deployment on SmartSSD computational storage
  • Use cases include: data format conversions, transcoding, database and data lake acceleration, log analytics, image recognition/object detection, and AI/ML inference