Samsung SmartSSD for Spark Acceleration

Faster Spark SQL analytics with Samsung
SmartSSD and Bigstream

Faster time to insight with no code changes: quickly trial, refine, and execute Spark SQL queries on large data sets with scalable performance. This solution on the Nimbix Cloud combines the SmartSSD advanced computational storage hardware from Samsung and a complete software stack from Bigstream. Queries are automatically optimized to allow processing of data directly where it is stored, on the SmartSSD.


Accelerate Spark SQL Queries

  • Run faster Spark SQL queries with up to 6x end-to-end acceleration with Bigstream software with no code changes
  • Lower CPU utilization
  • Acceleration scales with data volume for predictable performance


How It Works

  • Bigstream software identifies operations best suited for running near storage such as decompression, decryption, parsing, filtering, and inference
  • Operations are executed on the Samsung SmartSSD, where the data is stored, avoiding large data movement between storage and CPU and speeding up results


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