Nimbix at SC21


Watch our SC21 virtual booth sessions, on-demand, below! 

The sessions cover topics including enabling HPC-as-a-Service, tackling Exascale challenges, and how researchers are able to speed up processing times for their complex data with the ThinkAI solution.


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Now more than ever HPC is used in every industry vertical and by end-users who access heterogeneous and geographically distributed resources on-premises, private, public Cloud, and hybrid. This HPC democratization together with the new paradigms for accessing HPC resources requires a user-friendly platform that hides technical complexity. Underlying HPC system software that enables services “everywhere” is the new way to fulfill user and administrator HPC requirements. The goal of this webinar is to showcase the software that makes it seamless to access HPC workloads however you consume them.

The Incessant Pursuit in the Exascale Journey

Learn our vision, strategy as well as use cases where we enable researchers to speed up processing times on their complex data with ThinkAI* solution & democratize the access to HPC resources by enabling HPC-as-a-Service thanks to the acquisition of Nimbix.

  • Atos HPC journey update
  • Tackling the Exascale challenges
  • Engaging on HPC-as-a-Service
  • ThinkAI – now and tomorrow!

Agnès Boudot
Senior Vice President for HPC, AI and Quantum, Atos

Cédric Bourrasset
Head of High Performance AI Business Unit, Atos

Steve Hebert
VP and Global Head of Cloud HPC for Atos-Nimbix

Jean-Pierre Panziera
Chief Technology Director for Extreme Computing, Atos

How Atos Leveraged Decades of High Performance Computing Experience for the Benefit of AI

Though AI has been widely demystified compared with its debut, its full materialization in real field implementation entails diversified challenges. Dr. Cédric Bourrasset, AI Distinguished Expert & Head of High Performance AI Business Unit will reveal how Atos pioneers to successfully architect, build and deliver large-scale AI Infrastructure. Through live customer cases and lessons learned from the field, Cedric will elaborate on our current achievements and will detail Atos' added value to bring AI to the next level of performance.

Cédric Bourrasset
Head of High Performance AI Business Unit, Atos