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OpenFOAM v7

OpenFOAM is free, open source software for CFD from the OpenFOAM Foundation.

5 Software Applications FE Analysts Use to Model Complex Systems in the Cloud

August 25, 2020 Finite element (FE) analysts transitioning from desktop applications to cloud-based workflows must choose the simulation software that best fits their needs. FE software developers are continually updating their software to include more efficient numerical methods, improve algorithms geared towards simulating complex systems, and adding customization to their tools so that the software […]

Simulation and Machine Learning Application Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting

Whether you are using Nimbix services for research, to simulate models, or develop applications, we strive to provide the resources you need to support your success. If you are new to Nimbix or an established user, we want to provide you with a resource beyond help documentation, so we’ve begun a series called “Tips, Tricks, […]

Case Study

Firefly Aerospace partners with Nimbix to design high-quality, cost-efficient engine components for its space launch vehicles

Printable Version INTRODUCTION Founded in 2017 by Dr. Tom Markusic, Dr. Max Polyakov and Mark Watt, Firefly Aerospace is a leading developer of small launch vehicles. Its motto is simple: “making space for everyone.” Big communications satellites are often the size of a city bus, but an increasing number of smaller satellites are targeted for […]

Case Study: Aero Xpertise leverages Nimbix Cloud to help Gogo provide in-flight internet and optimal aircraft aerodynamics

Printable Version INTRODUCTION Independent aerospace engineering consultant Will de Jong is the owner of Aero Xpertise LLC and specializes in applying computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to solve aerodynamic design problems. He has partnered with Aeromechanical Solutions LLC (AMS) on over 200 projects and performed thousands of CFD simulations to solve complex design issues for numerous […]

Case Study

Richard Childress Racing partners with Nimbix and ANSYS to improve the aerodynamic performance for its legendary NASCAR race cars

Printable Version INTRODUCTION One of the most acclaimed organizations in NASCAR competition, Richard Childress Racing (RCR) is dedicated to using cutting-edge technologies to build winning race cars from the ground up. To stay at the top of the competitive racing industry, they need to make sure every part in every car is optimally designed. One […]

HPC Customer Success Stories

Aerospace Automotive Biometrics & Security Design & Retail Healthcare & Life Sciences Manufacturing Oil & Gas Telecom & Smart Cities AEROSPACE Innovate faster and reduce time to market by performing large scale simulations and analysis using industry-leading mechanical, fluid, and CFD simulation software on the Cloud. “The CFD simulations I run are crucial to understanding […]

Case Study

The benefits of combining Ansys simulation with HPC and cloud computing

Simulation has become even more prevalent in the world of engineering than it was even 5 years ago. Commercial tools have gotten significantly easier to use, whether you are looking at tools embedded within CAD programs or the standalone flagship analysis tools. The driving force behind these changes are to ultimately let engineers and companies […]

Case Study

Nimbix helps maritime, oil and gas, and energy advisor to
focus on making world, safer, smarter and greener

  With a mission of making the world safer, smarter and greener, DNV GL delivers technical assurance and independent expert advisory services to the maritime, oil and gas and energy industries. In addition, the company also provides classification services to customers across a wide range of industries, in more than 100 countries and backed by […]

Case Study

Nimbix helps Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
at UCSD speed up the rocket engine design process

  The Ignus II engine is a 3D printed, pressure fed, liquid bipropellant rocket engine that runs on refined kerosene called Jet-A (the jet fuel used by commercial airlines and other planes) and liquid oxygen. For our engine to operate as designed, fuel and oxidizer must pass through complicated internal geometries and be delivered to […]

Case Study

Aerial cell towers, designed with ANSYS Fluent and Nimbix cloud computing, reduce cost and energy consumption, expanding telecoms into rural markets

  Altaeros’ airborne platform modeled with wind approaching at a variety of different angles of attack, as modeled in ANSYS Fluent. INTRODUCTION Altaeros has developed a tethered aerial platform called the “SuperTower” as their first commercial product. It delivers high-speed mobile broadband to hard-to-reach rural communities. By innovating a new autonomous flight control system, Altaeros […]

Free Lunch & Learn Seminar Hosted by Nimbix & SIMULIA
August 22

Join us for a free lunch and learn on August 22 that will focus on running Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA simulation tools seamlessly on the Nimbix Cloud Date: August 22, 2018Time: 9:30 a.m.Location: Dassault Systémes, Dearborn MI Register       Nimbix is a SIMULIA integration partner with Dassault Systèmes and is growing our partnership to offer SIMULIA […]

Combining ANSYS Simulation with HPC on the Nimbix Cloud

By Manoj Mahendran Engineering simulation has become much more prevalent in engineering organizations than it was even 5 years ago.  Commercial tools have gotten significantly easier to use whether you are looking at tools embedded within CAD programs or the standalone flagship analysis tools.  The driving force behind these changes are to ultimately let engineers and […]

5 Ways HPC Makes Our Lives Better

HPC (High-Performance Computing) is not just a technology showcase for setting world records or solving abstract theoretical physics problems.  HPC makes a real difference in our lives, helping scientists and businesses attack real-world challenges head-on.  We all benefit because HPC matters. HPC for the Cure Curing cancer and other life-threatening diseases is a major focus […]

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