Accelerated scalable on demand compute provided by Nimbix cloud through our cluster configuration API (JARVICE) allows engineers to accelerate their work flow and get results faster. Our cloud can handle various types of Aerospace FEA applications including Ansys Fluent, COMSOL, CST as well as Abacus and Star-CCM.


Customer Success Story

Fluid flow analysis is a crucial part of design and manufacturing within the aerospace industry. Manufacturing firms can utilize the Nimbix cloud to tremendously speed up their FEA output in order to meet tight deadlines. Fluid FEA applications are ideal for HPC since the problem can be broken up and evaluated on multiple nodes. Nimbix cloud has extensive availability of nodes to allow our customers to scale up accordingly.

Workflow Solutions for Aerospace

Aerospace workflows include fluid flow analysis and mechanical structural analysis. Both of these are supported on the Nimbix cloud solution. We can incorporate directly within your existing workflow and allow engineers to send data to the cloud for analysis.

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Fluid flow analysis can utilize multiple applications and is generally set up and run using CFD applications. These allow an almost linear scaling of speed to number of cores used. Users can accelerate the speed by utilizing more cores.
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Mechanical Finite Element Analysis can be run on the Nimbix cloud using a variety of preinstalled applications. The compute and number cores should be sized based on the complexity and size of FEA.

Select Applications for Aerospace




ANSYS Electronics


ANSYS Fluids


ANSYS Multiphysics


ANSYS Platform


ANSYS Structures