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Our datacenters are in the premier internet gateway and carrier facility in Dallas, TX, on the eastern section of the Central Business District (CBD). The building consists of 26 floors and approximately 477,000 SF of datacenter, PBB and the office spaces. The facility provides connectivity access to over sixty (60) of the leading domestic and international carriers and physical connection points to the world’s telecommunications networks and internet backbone.

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Nimbix helps you solve the unsolvable. It delivers the scale and capacity you need to run bigger and more complex jobs. Nimbix unlocks the potential in your data. It’s supercomputing made super human. More


Cloud Computing: Build

Using JARVICE, with a minimal amount of development, you can build and implement the data processing applications that integrate with your workflow. More


With a few clicks, you can hand over a workload to JARVICE and let it run. JARVICE does all the work: start up, execution, completion and notification. More


The real value in HPC happens when you interpret those huge amounts of data. JARVICE can send your data anywhere you need it in a variety of formats to help you visualize, review, and analyze your results. More

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