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The massive impacts of cloud supercomputing

It’s a model for the future

Nimbix supercomputing allows you to realize the potential in your data.
The potential has the ability to cure cancer, improve clinical outcomes, or help us understand our complex biological world.


PacBio SMRT Portal

SMRT Portal is an open-source, browser-based application that allows you to create, submit and monitor secondary analysis jobs as well as view and download the results. With this tool, you can align reads to a reference sequence or assemble reads into a de novo genome. SMRT Portal also lets you create and manage secondary analysis protocols and reference sequences manually.

Burrows-Wheeler Aligner

BWA is a software package for mapping low-divergent sequences against a large reference genome, such as the human genome. It consists of three algorithms: BWA-backtrack, BWA-SW and BWA-MEM.

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